GBS Adult Ventilators

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VersaMed ivent

VersaMed iVent 201

PC based light-weight design that efficiently addresses critical care, ER, sub acute, transport, and homecare needs. Offers standard ventilatory modes as well as non-invasive bi-bevel. Self-contained turbine eliminates the need for a compressor. Extensive graphics, internal battery, O2 analyzer included. Pediatric and adult application.

Intuitive design makes iVent201 easy to use. Its' straightforward layout helps you to get oriented and started quickly. The one rotational control knob and five touch keys are all you need. Simply enter your patient's weight using the control knob, and ventilation starts instantly. iVent201's intelligent software automatically adjusts using your institutions's preferred ventilatory strategy.

Designed and built around its powerful PC base, the iVent201 is an enduring platform for ventilation -- and a rock-solid investment for both the short and long term. What this means for you is that your iVent201 can remain as up-to-date in the future as it is today. As new functions and modes are released, you can upgrade your iVent201 -- and sustain your investment -- by simply loading in the new software. Invest in the iVent201 today, and continue to realize the return on your investment well into the future.


Pulmonetics  LTV 1000

LTV 1000

Self-contained; employs innovative technology that eliminates the need for compressed air. It can also operate from an internal battery, external battery or AC power.

This ventilator offers volume control, pressure control, pressure support, Assist Control, SIMV, CPAP modes and variable flow rigger,Auto Peep measurement, adjustable rise tiem, variable flow termination and leak compensation.

With a omprehensive alarm package and weighing only 13 lbs, it is ideal for critical care, long term acute care, short Term/Recovery Room or or for transport.

Options include graphics monitor.

Note 900 and 950 available also.

Bear Medical Bear 1000

Bear Medical
Bear 1000

Microprocessor ventilator.
Includes; assist control, SIMV/CPAP, pressure control ventilation, MMV, pressure augmentation, pressure slope adjustment, inverse ratio, and optional graphics.



Bird Products Bird 8400STi

Bird Products
Bird 8400STi

Similar design to the 6400. Additional standard features include built-in volume monitor, back up ventilation, and improved exhalation valve. Customize options include pressure control, Volume Assured Pressure Support(VAPS), flow support and graphic monitor.
(Pictured with stand & 3800)Volume Assured Pressure Support(VAPS), flow support and graphic monitor.
(Pictured with stand & 3800)


Bird Products Bird 3800

Bird Products
Bird 3800

High-flow microblender for use on bird 6400 or 8400 ventilator.




Bird Products Bird 6500

Bird Products
Bird 6500

Mobile air compressor for use on Bird 6400 or 8400 ventilators. Requires ventilator mount.




Bird Products Bird Graphic Monitor

Bird Products
Bird Graphic Monitor

Used on 8400STi for real-time display and trends of pressure, flow and volume data.



TBird Ventilatory System TBird VS

TBird Ventilatory System
TBird VS

Designed for transitional facilities and subacute environments. Turbine technology eliminates the need for compressed gas. Utilizes O2 bleed-in from a low flow O2 source. Includes pressure support, flow- triggering, apnea backup, extensive monitoring and internal battery.



TBird Ventilatory System TBird VSO2

TBird Ventilatory System
TBird VSO2

Similar features as VS model.
Utilizes a pressurized O2 source with internal blender allowing precise FIO2 settings.



TBird Ventilatory System TBIRD AVS(Advanced Ventilation System)

TBird Ventilatory System
TBIRD AVS(Advanced Ventilation System)

Upgradeable for ICU use.
Includes graphics monitor interface(AVS), MIP/NIF, expiratory hold(AVS II), pressure control and VAPS(AVS III).(T-BIRD AVS3 model also available).



Drager Drager Evita 2

Drager Evita 2

Advanced design intensive care ventilator includes standard modes of ventilation as well as APRV, bi-level, MMV, and auto flow feature. Neonatal to adult application.



Drager Drager Evita 4/XL

Drager Evita 4/XL

Similar design to the Evita E-2 with expanded color graphics and touch screen functions.



Newport Medical Newport E150 Breeze

Newport Medical
Newport E150 Breeze

Microprocessor ventilator for use with adults and neonatal patients. Offers assist/control, SIMV, spontaneous(CPAP), sigh, and inverse I:E ratio ventilation. For use on adult, infants and neonates.



Newport Medical Newport E200 Wave

Newport Medical
Newport E200 Wave

Microprocessor ventilator for use with adults and neonatal patients. Offers assist/control, SIMV, pressure support, spontaneous(CPAP), sigh and inverse I:E ratio ventilation. Unique feature is Bias Flow, an improved form of constant flow which decreases ventilator response time. For use on adult, infants and neonates.



Nellcor Puritan Bennett 7200 Series

Nellcor Puritan Bennett
7200 Series

Microprocessor adult volume ventilator. Offers control, assist/control, SIMV/CPAP, and backup ventilation.

Options available: Pressure support, DCI, Respiratory Mechanics, Flow-By, Pulse oximetry, Pressure Control, Graphics.



(Pictured: 7200AE with flat-panel display)

(Pictured: 7200AE with flat-panel display)




Nellcor Puritan Bennett 740

Nellcor Puritan Bennett

Piston Driven, compressor-free design eliminates the need for blender, compressor, or wall air. Includes pressure support, flow triggering and internal battery. Convenient transportability. Extensive monitoring and alarm system.




Puritan Bennett 760

Puritan Bennett 760
Similar features to the 740 with the addition of pressure control mode.




Nellcor Puritan Bennett 840

Nellcor Puritan Bennett

Compact critical care ventilator offering advance design to provide ventilatory support to neonates through adults. Comprehensive array of modulation including Bilevel. Extensive monitoring and alarm protection.

TC (Tube Compensation)
Bi-Level Volume Plus Ventilation


Maquet Servo-i


Flexible and adaptable ventilator for all patient categories. Extensive modalities including auto-mode.

Servo I – Infant
Servo I – Adult
Servo I - Universal
Servo I - universal:
Automode, Bi-Vent Software
Open Lung Tool, Ultra nebulizer
Co2 Analizer, Alarm output connector


Maquet Servo 300/A

Maquet Servo 300/A
Advanced design, intensive care ventilator capable of treating neonates to adults. Includes standard modes of ventilation while introducing pressure regulated volume control, volume support SIMV and pressure controlled SIMV. Extensive monitoring and alarms.(Pictured with Compressor)




Siemens Siemens 900C

Siemens 900C

Electronic ventilator for use on infant and adult patients. Offers control, assist/control, SIMV/CPAP, Pressure Control Inverse I:E Ratio Ventilation (PCIRV), pressure support, inspiratory and expiratory pause and PEEP. Has built-in oxygen analyzer.
(Pictured: 900C with Siemens Compressor & 965)





Respironics ESPRIT


Microprocessor driven ventilator for pediatric and adult application. Offers a range of modes including volume control, pressure control, and non-invasive bi-level ventilation. Graphics option available.



Viasys  AVEA


Comprehensive ventilator able to support neonatal to adult patients. Offers a broad range of ventilatory modes and monitoring features. Advanced features include Bilevel esophogeal and tracheal pressure monitoring.







Viasys VELA


Turbine technology offering a full range of ventilation choices including pressure support and color graphics.